Team Qualifies for Nationals at Princeton!

On Saturday, September 28th, the team travelled to Princeton University to compete in the prestigious PHSAT tournament.  The strong field of 48 teams included entries from five states, including several nationally-ranked schools. Phoenixville fielded both an A-team, comprised of seniors Ben Cushing, Kyle Kobilka, India Reiss, and Gina Vitale, and a B-team, featuring freshman Mike Eastment, sophomore Chris Reiter, junior Emily Gallina, and senior Quinn Kaufman.

After a long day of competition, which didn’t conclude until 7:30 in the evening, Detroit Central Catholic won the tournament and Phoenixville’s A-team finished in 12th place.  The strong showing qualified the team for the May 2014 PACE National Championships to be held in Washington, D. C.

The team will next see action on October 9th when it hosts West Chester Henderson and Conestoga high schools for a league match beginning at 9:30am.  On October 26th, the team travels to Toms River, NJ to compete in the South Jersey National History Bowl Regionals.


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